Case Study: Successful Coalition Building and Data-Driven Approaches in Arizona Advance Immigrant Rights

Coalition Building 

In 2010, Arizona was ground-zero for anti-immigration sentiment and legislation, drawing national attention after the passage of the SB 1070, Arizona’s “show me your papers law.” Ten organizations responded by banding together to form One Arizona, aimed at promoting full electoral participation of Latino citizens, particularly among infrequent and first-time voters. NEO Philanthropy’s Four Freedoms FundTM (FFF) offered critical seed funding and technical assistance (communications, organizing, and voter engagement) for the project to develop in its first two years. After five years of continued funding, One Arizona’s two leading funders—Unbound Philanthropy and the Four Freedoms Fund—commissioned this study and evaluation, seeking to document One Arizona’s accomplishments, assess the partnership’s impact on the state’s pro-immigrant movement, and reflect on lessons learned from the One Arizona experience to (1) inform future 501(c)(3) investments in civic participation in Arizona and other states and (2) inform and strengthen the effectiveness of its future activities.


The evaluation found that One Arizona’s voter engagement efforts have consistently increased turnout, are changing the way Latino and other citizens view democracy and take part in it and are nurturing a new generation of collaborative activist leaders.

“Phoenix is now 40 percent Latino.  Eight years ago, before I ran for office, there wasn’t one Latino on the council; we didn’t have a seat at the table.  Once I got in, there came two others. The sleeping giant is growing in numbers – and voting numbers.”  – Elected Official

Read the One Arizona Executive Brief here and read the full evaluation here. Watch the short documentary film here and here (Spanish subtitles).


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