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Ga. Senate Runoff Shows Philanthropy’s Power to Mobilize Voters

NEO’s State Infrastructure Fund (SIF) supports on-the-ground grassroots groups in GA and elsewhere working hard on non-partisan voter engagement, strengthening democracy, protecting elections and lifting up the vote of people of color and others who are historically underrepresented.  

SIF’s work, as reported in the Chronicle of Philanthropy, was instrumental in that state’s U.S. Senate elections and the tireless efforts of grassroots groups to mobilize voters from communities of color. 

From the article:

Page Gleason, senior program officer of the State Infrastructure Fund at NEO Philanthropy, where the fund is housed, says the table structure helped members agree to a single plan during the run-off, allowing them to have greater impact and work faster.”

Visit The Chronicle of Philanthropy to read Alex Daniels’ full article, Ga. Senate Runoff Shows Philanthropy’s Power to Mobilize Voters.


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