NEO Philanthropy’s Newest Fiscally Sponsored Projects Tackle Social Justice Issues Through New Lenses

NEO Philanthropy is proud to be the fiscal sponsor, or nonprofit “home,” to more than 70 organizations fighting for human rights in the U.S. and across the globe. NEO’s newest projects are tackling issues ranging from women’s rights, nonprofit sustainability, LGBTQ+ inclusion and more in new and innovative ways.

New fiscally sponsored projects include:

Atlas Center for Nonprofits

The Alas Center for Nonprofit’s mission is to improve the efficiency, effectiveness and impact of the nonprofit sector. Many nonprofits are doing brave and critical work in the social justice arena, but they struggle to realize their full potential due to issues with fundraising, bandwidth and even power dynamics.

Alas provides the structure and support these organizations need as they embark on the essential work to improve communities and systems in the U.S. Alas seeks to develop responsible fundraising strategies, center organizations around their mission and provide lasting frameworks for implementing policies with a focus on equity, sustainability and empowering staff.

State CEO Business Briefs

State CEO Business Briefs is creating a Return on Equality by making LGBTQ+ equality a priority in global C-Suites. Through executive events, talent initiatives and periodic communications, State CEO Business Briefs leads conversations that inspire multinational companies to grow business through inclusion.

The organization will create business briefs for all 50 U.S. states, including the 29 states that don’t extend employment, housing and/or public accommodations protections to individuals on the basis of their sexual orientation or gender. The briefs will provide C-Suite leaders with an understanding of the legal and socio-cultural environment and its implications for business and talent in individual states and more.

Equality League

Equality League operates under the belief that all people deserve access to sport and should benefit from sport fairly, equitably and without discrimination. Their mission is to change policy and culture to ensure safe and fair access to sports for women worldwide.

New Georgia Project

The New Georgia Project (NGP) focuses on civic engagement and advocacy for people of color in Georgia. With Georgia becoming increasingly diverse, enfranchising and civically engaging unregistered, eligible citizens of color in the state is critical to ensuring Georgia is fair and inclusive.

NGP is working to eliminate the registration gap, build civic capacity by mobilizing voters and organizations to communicate with local leaders and push critical issues and increase voter education and engagement.

Rights CoLab

Rights CoLab is an open platform for facilitating collaboration to advance human rights among experts with diverse perspectives in the fields of civil society, technology, business and finance. Rights CoLab is exploring new approaches to organizing civic engagement and leveraging markets to improve the impact, resilience and sustainability of human rights initiatives.

About NEO’s Fiscal Sponsorship Program

Fiscal sponsorship at NEO allows groups to focus on their programmatic work while NEO handles the financial, human resources, and legal elements, giving the projects the room they need to make a significant impact on the world. NEO’s fiscally sponsored projects have access to an entire team of highly experienced professionals and an array of service that are tailored for their specific needs.

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