Increasing access to reproductive health care for women in the South.

On behalf of an anonymous donor, NEO is supporting three unique organizations providing comprehensive health care to the hardest to reach and neediest populations in the South.

The two programs in Mississippi, My Brother’s Keeper Open Arms Healthcare Clinic and Alcorn State University, are providing free, direct service health care in a state where the public healthcare system has been gutted, and there are many unaddressed gaps in service. Both projects, while operating on two different levels, are serving populations who are being turned away from – but who depend on – the Mississippi Department of Health clinics.

NEO’s funding has made it possible for My Brother’s Keeper Open Arms Healthcare Clinic to expand their services and they are well positioned to become the primary clinic for comprehensive reproductive health services in Jackson, Mississippi and surrounding areas. Through Alcorn’s State University’s Brave Reproductive Health Project, hundreds of residents have received no-cost health exams, treatment and contraception via a Mobile Outreach Unit.

In Texas, Planned Parenthood of South Texas has implemented a Health Services Voucher Program, delivered by Promotoras, that provides underserved Latinas in need of reproductive health services with co-pay assistance vouchers. Planned Parenthood patients are not poor enough to qualify for Medicaid, but are too poor to qualify for Obamacare. Women who receive the vouchers fall into the “coverage gap” as they are unable to find or afford healthcare elsewhere. Through the Health Services Voucher Program, hundreds of vouchers have been distributed and redeemed by patients in need of care.


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