NEO Statement on Supreme Court DACA Ruling

We stand in solidarity with young immigrants who never let go of their dreams and fought tirelessly, undocumented and unafraid, leading up to the decision by the Supreme Court on Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).

The Court’s decision to overturn the Trump Administration’s termination of DACA is a major victory for nearly 700,000 DACA recipients, who can now continue to safely live, work and study in the U.S.

This victory, along with the recent rulings that employers can’t fire LGBTQ+ employees because of their sexual orientation or gender identity, and to let stand the California Values Act, offer hope that justice and dignity prevail in America.

NEO Philanthropy has supported the struggle of DACA recipients for more than a decade through our Four Freedoms Fund and other projects.  From the campuses of Arizona and elsewhere, to the border region, to immigrant communities around the nation, this victory is possible because of those who fought for and won DACA in the first place.  NEO is so proud to invest in their struggle.  There is a lesson learned here about supporting those most directly impacted to lead the fight. This victory belongs to them.

We call on philanthropy to double down on its commitment to protect immigrant youth from the deportation forces of the Trump Administration.  We stand as allies with Black people in calling for an end to racism and police violence, knowing that Black immigrants especially are much more likely to be deported than other immigrants because of disproportionate policing and incarceration.

We know that today’s legal victory will not stop the forces of injustice and prejudice, and we dedicate ourselves to continuing this battle.  Congress must pass permanent protections and solutions that ensure that all people – regardless of the color of their skin or their immigration status — can live, thrive and pursue their dreams without fear.


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