Brandon Jones has over 15 years of experience creating systems to improve organizational capacity and efficiencies. Before joining NEO Philanthropy, Brandon worked as the Director of Operations for Hope For Harvest Youth Center, a grassroots nonprofit based out of Charlotte, NC, focused on impacting the lives of under-resourced and homeless youth. He started his career at Broadcast Music Inc. (BMI), where he worked closely as an advocate for the interests of songwriters and music publishers. Brandon is passionate about serving underrepresented and marginalized communities, mainly dedicated to creating safe spaces for LGBTQ youth. He currently volunteers for The Trevor Project, an organization dedicated to preventing suicide for LGBTQ youth.  Brandon graduated with a B.S. in Music Management from Georgia State University and holds a Master of Non-Profit Administration degree from the University of San Francisco. Brandon enjoys going to concerts, baking, and the occasional karaoke showdown in his free time.


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