Monica Parisa Rabii

Monica Rabii comes to NEO with experience in project management for international development and humanitarian aid, as well as a background in arts and cultural heritage interventions.

Prior to joining the team, Monica worked for Mercy Corps in its refugee and migration response in Greece, Turkey, and Jordan, where she was most passionate about programming for youth-led advocacy and leadership, well-being and psychosocial support for vulnerable groups in migration, and capacity-building work with community-based organizations. Before and since her fieldwork she has also worked with numerous cultural heritage organizations, both domestically and in Denmark and Ireland.

Monica’s academic background and research interests focus on public memory of and engagement with historical trauma in the Middle East. She received her master of philosophy in public history and cultural heritage from Trinity College Dublin. She also holds B.A.s in history and music from Portland State University, and can be found playing her violin or Persian hammered dulcimer (a santoor) in orchestras, chamber music groups, and other jam sessions around town.



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