Rini Chakraborty

Rini was previously the Western Regional Director for Amnesty International USA. Prior to joining Amnesty International, Rini was the Executive Director of Sweatshop Watch, a U.S.-based organization at the forefront of eliminating sweatshops in the global apparel industry. Previously, she served as the Principal Legislative Advocate and Director of the California Immigrant Welfare Collaborative (a former project of the National Immigration Law Center); Senior Policy Analyst with the ACLU of Southern California; Policy Associate with the Northern California Coalition for Immigrant Rights; and Ballot Initiatives Coordinator with the ACLU of Northern California. An expert in policy advocacy, grassroots campaigning, media and coalition building, Rini has spearheaded a number of highly visible, groundbreaking campaigns in California – from restoring health and welfare benefits for immigrants and gaining in-state tuition rates for students regardless of their immigration status (AB 540), to passing resolutions condemning the USA PATRIOT Act and vigorously enforcing “sweat-free” procurement laws. Throughout her career, she has worked on the panoply of immigration enforcement tactics – from worksite enforcement policies and immigrant verification screens in public benefits, to post-9/11 profiling and local law enforcement collaboration with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). She currently serves on the boards of Health Access, International Labor Rights Forum and SweatFree Communities.



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