Three Projects Addressing Civic Engagement and Protecting Progressive Policies Join NEO Philanthropy’s Donor Services Program

NEO Philanthropy is pleased to announce the addition of three new Donor Services projects working to protect the rights and lift up the voices of marginalized populations. Through NEO’s mission-aligned Donor Services program, these donor collaboratives expand their networks and organizational support while working towards their mission and stimulating the field as a whole.

Democracy Alliance Pooled Fund

Focused on protecting policies such as healthcare, the social safety net, immigration, voting rights, women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, criminal justice and environmental and financial reform, the Democracy Alliance Pooled Fund serves as an information clearinghouse. The Democracy Alliance (DA) gathers, analyzes and synthesizes data collected from organizations within the DA’s investment portfolio to enhance the ability of the field to collaborate. Using the collected data, the DA keeps donors informed and up-to-date on what organizations are doing and where to deploy critically needed resources.

The New American Majority Fund

The phrase “New American Majority” (NAM) is an umbrella term that encompasses the many different minority populations that together form the majority of American society. The New American Majority Fund believes NAM is a critical part of what should be our nation’s governing class – rather than a disconnected group of constituencies. The New American Majority Fund supplies NAM-run organizations in target states with multi-year funding and resources necessary to empower them to create lasting, progressive change.

Virginia Plus

Virginia Plus is working to build impactful and lasting opportunities for positive change by supporting organizations and local leaders in non-partisan, year-round organizing efforts, leadership development and voter education and turnout. By focusing heavily on grassroots organizing and development in Virginia, the project hopes to nurture a progressive atmosphere, within the state, whose momentum lasts beyond the nearest election.

About NEO’s Donor Services Program

Through our mission-aligned Donor Services program, NEO helps donors overcome obstacles as they carry out their work and assists them in finding their way into an issue in order to realize their vision for social justice. NEO’s Donor Services program provides an unparalleled level of support through a truly customizable suite of services and a hands-on approach to supporting individual projects and organizations.

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