In the past five years, NEO has awarded approximately $214 million in grants to 460 organizations engaging in cutting-edge work on the front lines of social change.

In 2020, over 99 percent of NEO Philanthropy’s revenue came from organizations and individual donors dedicated to effecting social change through the collaboration between investors and nonprofits.

In 2020, NEO Philanthropy concentrated 96 percent of its expenditures towards programmatic initiatives that effectively supported both grantees and fiscal sponsorship projects advancing the cause of social justice and human rights.

IRS Form 990

You can download a copy of our IRS Form 990 on our GuideStar page or find them below.

2020 NEO Philanthropy Form 990

2019 NEO Philanthropy Form 990

2018 NEO Philanthropy Form 990

2017 NEO Philanthropy Form 990

2016 NEO Philanthropy Form 990 

2015 NEO Philanthropy Form 990


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