Launched in 1983 as Public Interest Projects (PIP), NEO Philanthropy is a 501(c)(3) public charity committed to building strong social justice movements. We bridge the gap that often exists between funders and organizations doing the work through collaborative funds, fiscal sponsorships, donor services and capacity building.

We help organizations do their work

We see ourselves as partners with the organizations we support, not just funders. Donors and fiscally sponsored projects have access to an entire team of highly experienced NEO staff and to an array of services and expertise provided at a lower or more flexible cost than would be possible for these projects on their own. Our Fiscal Sponsorship program provides a dependable and consistent back-office function to projects so they can focus on critical program work. As part of that program, our dedicated and highly skilled staff also offer expert financial management and accounting including regular and transparent financial reporting so projects can make informed programmatic decisions. By strengthening the work of philanthropic institutions, nonprofit organizations and other public interest groups, we aim to fulfill our mission and create a world where people are treated with dignity, equity, fairness and respect. Providing our partners with best-in-class services and keeping donors educated about the field allows the space for organizations to not only grow, but to thrive.

we bring deep experience and expertise to philanthropy 

We have three decades of experience and longstanding relationships with hundreds of institutions, ranging from blue chip endowed foundations to volunteer-led grassroots projects. Over the past five years alone, funders have partnered with NEO to make nearly $250 million in grants to organizations engaging in cutting edge work on the front lines of social change. We are always looking for opportunities to make more connections between these groups, promote donor learning, support knowledge sharing and coalition building at critical convenings, and conduct groundbreaking issue research. NEO’s staff are recognized leaders in their fields, bringing a deep bench of expertise, intellectual capital and practical experience to the work.

we help create movements 

The movements for social justice operate at a fast – sometimes frenetic – pace as organizations respond to ever-changing political environments. As a nimble and responsive intermediary, NEO helps institutional funders respond more quickly to emerging needs while upholding time-tested and diligent grant making processes. We go beyond the traditional “transactional” services and provide multipronged levels of support including rapid response support, leadership development, field building, fundraising and communications support, risk management and more. All of these capacity-building services nurture the sustainability and survival of the organizations with which we partner. By providing these wrap around services to our donors and projects, we build the capacity of organizations and help build lasting movements.

we help funders break out of silos

Funding silos are a fact of foundation life, but critical issues often fall between the cracks.  In our role as an intermediary, NEO has helped funders transcend narrowly focused funding silos.  Through NEO, our funders have supported intersectional work that bridges a wide variety of issues, such as criminal justice and immigrant rights; racial justice and school reform; and human trafficking and domestic violence, reproductive rights and human rights. We also help social justice organizations make the connections across sectors necessary for deep change.


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