NEO Philanthropy is guided by the following values and operating principles.

Our World View

Dignity, Justice, Equality: At NEO we envision a fair and equitable society composed of vibrant and inclusive communities in which all its members have equal access to opportunity and justice. By coalescing and strengthening the work of philanthropic institutions, nonprofit organizations and other public interest groups, we aim to create a world in which people are treated with dignity, equality, fairness and respect.

Our Approach

Embrace change, innovative, forward thinking: At NEO we believe change is inevitable and healthy. We must be willing to adapt and evolve to meet the needs of our donors, grantees, partners and staff. We push ourselves to stay open to new ideas, evolve our practices, take risks, experiment and be creative and agile. We also strengthen our proven and time-tested models of philanthropic work. We seek to identify and support change-makers doing cutting edge work in their fields.

What our partners can expect of NEO

Professional, efficient, reliable, transparent, supportive, facilitator: NEO aims to provide exceptional and dependable service to our fiscally sponsored projects, donors, grantees and other partners and stakeholders. NEO staff works in a timely and courteous manner when providing support, which allows our partners to focus on achieving their goals. We aim for clarity around decisions, finances and processes to foster trust and confidence. The experience and knowledge of our staff helps our partners connect, learn and solve problems.

What we expect of each other at NEO

Diversity, respect, accountability, excellence, empowerment: NEO values diversity, respects individuals, honors differences and empowers its staff members in their personal and professional growth. We hold ourselves internally and externally accountable to our values and operating principles in the decisions we make. NEO values team players who support each other and bring commitment, passion, humor and purpose to their work. Our organization strives to have a positive impact on the communities, projects and funders we serve.


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