First and foremost, we fulfill our most important role as a funder intermediary by getting money from donors to groups on the ground tackling some of the most difficult and challenging issues of our time.

NEO made nearly $130 million in grants to 460 distinct groups in the past five years.

But making grants is not all we do. NEO Philanthropy is a funder intermediary with a social justice mission. This means we care deeply about the change our grantees and projects are trying to achieve. Our mission compels us to harness and deploy a full range of philanthropic expertise and work with our partners in ways that are transformative and not simply transactional. Our donors invest with us for the long haul, consider us partners and look to us to refine tried and true strategies, offer them guidance and expertise on the issues and remain open to strategic opportunities.


We provide high-touch support to grantees and fiscally sponsored projects rarely offered by other funder intermediaries. Unlike other intermediaries who may focus solely on the transactional nature of the relationship, our support is more holistic. The transactional is crucial, but so is the problem solving, capacity building and strategic advice we provide. We see our relationships with donors, grantees and fiscally sponsored projects as a true partnership– an investment we make in their long-term success and health. As one of our donors recently explained, with NEO you get a tribe, not just a transaction.


Our collaborative funds connect donors to support work they could not fund on their own. Our funds allow donors to join forces with other likeminded colleagues for a wider and more immediate impact. Collaborative funds also allow donors passionate about an underserved issue to rally other donors, expanding the overall funding pool. Because of NEO’s deep relationships with groups on the ground, donors can connect with potential grantees more quickly, and cutting edge and innovative grantmaking is made less risky. With expanded resources, our collaborative funds can invest in capacity building for grantees, such as fundraising coaching and communications training, building a field into a successful movement.


NEO’s fiscal sponsorship program offers an efficient and mission-aligned way for individuals and projects to win on their issues. Whether long-term efforts or short-term campaigns, NEO offers a non-profit home for individuals and projects engaged in social change – a turn-key operation that takes care of the finance, legal, human resources and administrative details, and a dedicated staff with extensive financial, communications, non-profit and philanthropic expertise. Key to our fiscal sponsorship program is its tailored approach – we don’t offer a one-size-fits-all model. Instead, NEO meets groups where they are with the appropriate level of service they need. We are transparent about our fees and make regular adjustments of services to accommodate those needs as they change. We carry that transparency into our financial management systems by providing clear and reliable reporting so funders and projects have access to the information they need to make informed decisions. Many funders and NEO’s fiscal sponsorship partners say this gives them peace of mind and allows them to focus their time and energy on the work.


We have a long-time commitment to intersectional work and alliance building. We know that intersections matter – between movements, across issues and between actors. Our shared values, mission-focused commitment to social justice and our deep content expertise in human rights positions us to engage advocates from different movements and help them have greater impact when they leverage their shared knowledge and resources in a coordinated effort.

Our capacity building and non-profit consulting support helps both internal and external partners hone their fundraising and strategic communications skills and refine political strategy, enabling more durable social justice fields. Our passionate and highly skilled staff have several dozen combined decades of experience and are noted as experts in their field.

The services we provide donors – either through donor advised funds or special initiatives – allow donors and foundations to realize their specific vision in ways they could not do alone. Our staff and leadership can advise on new issue areas, build or enrich grantee relationships, and carry out the grantmaking and evaluation process. In this flexible area of our work, we often help donors support work in ways they might not be able to within their own institutions because of geographic, mission, capacity or other limitations. By being a bridge between committed donors and organizations making change on the ground, our mission is to enable smarter, more nimble and effective philanthropy.

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