Over the past 30 years, NEO Philanthropy has helped all types of donors maximize their resources, support work they could not do on their own and gain access to strategic and cutting-edge advice around issues and philanthropic practice.

NEO offers donors a range of ways to work with us – through donor advised funds, pooled funds, specialized grant programs and initiatives. All of these are customized programs that allow our donors to minimize their administrative costs in order to maximize their impact. They also get to leverage the expertise and depth of NEO’s senior staff, as well as gain access and benefit from our extensive networks in the philanthropic and grantee communities.

For example

  • On behalf of a family foundation whose primary mission is the arts, we are supporting three clinics – one in Texas and two in Mississippi – who are providing residents with access to comprehensive reproductive health care;
  • In partnership with a family foundation based in the U.S., we are supporting groups in the UK and Europe who are working on the independence of journalism; and
  • In partnership with a private family foundation, we are supporting civic engagement groups in the U.S.

For more information about Donor Services, please email us at 
| info@neophilanthropy.org |


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