Over the past 30 years, the NEO difference has been our ability to bridge gaps within the philanthropic sector to connect our partners and projects with the resources needed to fulfill their missions— despite ever-changing political landscapes and new realities. That’s why in 2017 we launched NEO’s Donor Services program. 

By using a high-touch model that expands upon our fiscal sponsorship services, NEO’s Donor Service program meets a growing demand within the philanthropic sector for social justice groups to unify and collaborate with mission-aligned partners in order to empower movements and generate progressive social change in our communities.

Why Donor Services?

NEO’s Donor Services program helps funders minimize administrative costs and maximize impact by providing their social justice efforts with customized solutions and hands-on operational support. Whether this means managing large initiatives through targeted grantmaking to mission-aligned organizations to fuel a movement, coordinating the logistics of convenings to bring those organizations together for collaboration and education, or by incubating a new project programmatically while it develops the capacity to grow into a more robust initiative – NEO aims to adapt to the unique needs of our projects without dictating or applying a uniform approach. 

With such a variety of dynamics that exist, it is important to us that our work is pliable and adaptable. Our Donor Services partners can appear in many forms with some being single donors – either a foundation or an individual – while others may be a collective of donors coordinating efforts on a shared goal. NEO has the ability to be heavily involved in the programmatic and strategic work of the project or simply handle the administrative and operational tasks of the work in support of existing project staff. Our team of creative problem solvers is eager to meet a challenge and strives to ensure our partners are able to focus on the programmatic elements of the mission with full confidence that the administration and operations of that vision are well-supported.

Our Services

In addition to all core services provided in our fiscal sponsorship program, NEO will tailor additional Donor Services offerings based on the needs of each project. A sample of our services include:

Strategic PlanningGrant Proposal Review and Submission; Grant Docket ManagementFinancial Management
Capacity BuildingDue Diligence and ReportingHR Services
Communications StrategyManaging Donor Relations with a diverse range of donors through transparency and open communication Legal Support 
Fundraising ExpertiseLobbying and Advocacy expertiseConvening and Meeting Support
501(c)(3) and 501(c)(4) capabilities 

Our Projects

NEO currently houses more than 20 Donor Services projects that range in issue area, size and structure. Our customized approach means that no two projects look the same. A sample of our projects include:

The Youth Engagement Fund (YEF): As the largest network of donors dedicated to increasing civic participation among young people in the U.S., YEF invests in every aspect of youth power building. NEO supports YEF with strategic planning, communications strategy, program management and more.

The Reboot Representation Tech Coalition: Reboot is a partnership of leading tech companies that have come together to multiply their impact, align their agendas, and pool their resources to address the gender gap for underrepresented women of color in tech. NEO supports Reboot through our legal expertise, financial management, grantmaking, and more.

Our Team

Aileen Sánchez
Director of Donor Services
Ariana Holland
Project Manager
Harpreet Pelia
Senior Program Manager
Rakia Seaborn
Program Manager
Sarah Strnad
Senior Program Manager
Kimberly VanWagner
Portfolio Coordinator
Tina Whitegeese
Portfolio Coordinator

Our projects will have access to expanded support through NEO’s Operations, Human Resources, Financial, and Legal departments as needed through their dedicated project or program manager. 

Administrative Fees

Fees vary based on the range of services provided. We work closely with donors to understand the level and type of services required and would enjoy the chance to talk to you about your idea.

Financial, and Legal departments as needed through their dedicated project or program manager. 

Contact Us

For more information about Donor Services, please email Aileen Sánchez, Director of Donor Services at donorservices@neophilanthropy.org.


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