Over the past 30 years, NEO Philanthropy has helped all types of donors maximize their resources, support work they could not do on their own and gain access to strategic and cutting-edge philanthropic advice and support.

Through our mission-aligned Donor Services program, NEO helps donors overcome obstacles as they carry out their work and assists them in finding their way into an issue in order to realize their vision for social justice.

why donor services?

NEO’s Donor Services program helps funders minimize their administrative costs while maximizing the impact of the work. Whether this means managing large projects on a donor’s behalf, delivering targeted national and international grants to empower mission-aligned organizations in the field, coordinating the logistics of convenings or incubating and developing a project’s capacity to grow into a bigger operation – we identify donor’s needs and customize services that ensure success in our shared mission.

Because of the variety of dynamics, scenarios and donor-grantee needs, we ensure our Donor Services work is pliable and adaptable. Our partners include single donors – either a foundation or individual – or a donor collective; with the funders’ vision driving the work (see Anti-Trafficking Fund below). Other times, we partner with small collaboratives funded by a variety of donors and are tasked with significant grant making (see Youth Engagement Fund below). NEO has the ability to be heavily involved in the programmatic and strategic work for our partners or handle the administrative and operational tasks.

why neo philanthropy?

NEO’s Donor Services program provides an unparalleled level of support in philanthropy. A truly customizable suite of services, NEO takes a hands-on approach and is committed to supporting individual projects and organizations while simulating the field as a whole.

Our donors and partners choose NEO because of our mission-focused approach, our connections to like-minded funders and the opportunity to leverage and partner with our projects and donor collaboratives.

No matter the level of service our projects require, NEO’s team of creative problem solvers is eager and prepared to meet and tackle any challenge. In our experience, our partners benefit from a deeper and enduring level of engagement in the work overseen by our team. Our mission-aligned work ensures that donor values are at the forefront of all decision-making. Working with NEO, donors are able to leverage the expertise and depth of NEO’s senior staff, as well as gain access and benefit from our extensive networks in the philanthropic and grantee communities.

our services

NEO tailors our offerings based on the needs of each individual project. A sample of our services include:

List of Services

our projects

NEO currently houses some 20 Donor Services projects that range in issue area, size and structure. Our customized approach means that no two projects look the same. A sample of our projects include:

Anti-Trafficking Fund: With the support to the Oak Foundation, NEO Philanthropy’s Anti-Trafficking Fund promotes a human rights response to human trafficking. NEO supports a cadre of 13 innovative organizations, dedicated to addressing the range of exploitations in order to prevent human trafficking.

The State Infrastructure Project: The State Infrastructure Project is a multiyear initiative that strategically works to shift the cultural and policy climate in nine states across the country to ensure that any woman seeking an abortion has access to affordable and timely services while also feeling supported and maintaining personal dignity. NEO administers high-level project management in a variety of ways including HR services, financial management, grantmaking and the coordination of more than 20+ convenings and meetings annually.

The Youth Engagement Fund: As the largest network of donors dedicated to increasing civic participation among young people in the U.S., The Youth Engagement Fund invests in every aspect of youth power building. NEO supports The Youth Engagement Fund with strategic planning, communications strategy, program management and more.

Reproductive Healthcare: On behalf of an anonymous donor, NEO is supporting three unique organizations providing comprehensive reproductive healthcare to the neediest populations in the South. NEO has built the capacity of the organizations, allowing them to expand their work and provide direct service in states where the public healthcare system has been weakened.

our team

Our Donor Services partners will work closely with a member of our highly experienced program staff, as well as have access to expanded support through NEO’s operations, legal, communications, financial and technology services departments, as needed.

Meet our Donor Services team leaders:

“I am proud to work in a space that allows me to further many different social justice movements. Change happens at the grassroots level, but it needs a strong vision to lead it in the right direction. NEO provides that vision and I, as a small part of NEO, feel like I contribute to this change in my own way.”

Aastha Mehta, Director, Donor Services & Special Projects

“What I enjoy most about working in Donor Services is the customization we provide and being able to find the exact fit for our projects. For me, this means not one day looks the same and for my projects, it means we are meeting their unique needs and maximizing their level of success.”

Courtney Alford, Project Manager

administrative fees

Fees vary significantly based on the range of services provided. We work closely with donors to understand the level of services they require.


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