NEO goes beyond the transactional and provides a deep level of engagement, expertise and an unparalleled level of support to create the greatest impact.

Donor-Advised Funds (DAFs) continue to be the fasted growing philanthropic vehicle because they are simple for donors to open and administer and they allow donors to maintain full control over their philanthropic endeavors while receiving meaningful tax benefits.

Setting up a DAF at NEO allows donors to focus on choosing the charitable organizations they wish to support, with guidance from NEO’s vast network of philanthropic advisors, grantees and skilled programmatic staff. NEO differs from traditional institutions by going beyond the transactional and providing partners with a deep level of engagement in the work, expertise in grant-making and issue areas and an unparalleled level of support to create the greatest impact.

Benefits of a Donor- Advised Fund

  • Immediate tax deduction: Any contribution is immediately tax-deductible, whether or not the funds are distributed in the same fiscal year.
  • Ease of set up: Donors can set up a fund and start disbursing grants very quickly. NEO can accept monies in the form of cash, check, wires or publicly traded stock.
  • Flexible grant-making: Donors have the option to have their name on the fund and any grant they make, or to remain anonymous if they wish.
  • Efficiency: Donors avoid time-consuming paperwork and focus on giving, while NEO does the administration work. With just a phone call, donors can distribute to their favorite public charities.
  • Compliance: NEO ensures grants made from DAFs are compliant and eligible.

Partnering with NEO Philanthropy

NEO is a national leader in innovative philanthropic solutions, with expertise ranging from civic engagement to immigrant rights to human trafficking. Our team of content experts work alongside a dedicated portfolio manager to ensure every philanthropic investment made through NEO achieves our donor’s goal of a more just society with giving that is strategic and impactful. We help institutional funders respond more quickly to emerging needs while upholding time-tested and diligent grant-making processes including rapid response support, help filling unexpected funding gaps and crisis management.

We go far beyond the transactional and see ourselves as partners with the organizations we support. We work with our grantees to assess their needs and provide capacity building to help them grow. Additionally, with our experience in large-scale grant-making, NEO provides due diligence, communicates with charities, reviews proposals, disburses grants and collects grantee reports on the donor’s behalf.

Eligibility and Requirements

In order to house a Donor-Advised Fund at NEO, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Reflect a similar commitment to the goals set forth in NEO’s mission and contribute to our vision.
  • We are dedicated to getting money out the door and on the ground, so we expect donors to adhere to an intentional disbursement philosophy.
  • The project budget must meet NEO’s budget guidelines for active projects. Please inquire to learn about budget restrictions.


Fees are determined through a needs assessment, depending on size, amount and disbursement rate of activity of the project. NEO is committed to transparency and accountability to our donors, so there are no additional transaction fees.


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