Donor Advised Funds (DAFs) remain extremely popular with many of the donors NEO works with.

They give the donor a full charitable deduction for the gift into the fund and they may also receive additional favorable tax treatment of appreciated assets, while recommending grants from the fund to other public charities.  DAFs continue to be the fastest growing philanthropic vehicle because they are simple for the donor to open and administer.  Here at NEO, the donor has the option of having their name on the fund or they may choose to be anonymous.

While the legal authority over the fund is with us, governed by NEO’s board of directors, the donor’s funds are accounted for separately. It is rare that a donor’s grant recommendation is refused by us. In exchange for legal control, the donors we work with do not have any administrative or legal issues to handle, such as accounting, tax preparation, or legal compliances. Instead, setting up a DAF at NEO allows the donor to focus entirely on choosing the charitable organizations the donor wants to support.

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