OUR Leadership

Michele Lord


Erin Ballard

Chief Operating Officer

Robert Bray

Director, Communications

Gratienne (Sienna) Baskin

Director, NEO Anti-Trafficking Fund

Su Lim

Chief Financial Officer

Anita Khashu

Director, Four Freedoms Fund

Lisa Versaci

Director, State Infrastructure Fund

OUR Staff

Courtney Alford

Project Manager, Donor Services and Special Projects

Jonathan Blazer

Senior Program Officer, Four Freedoms Fund

Rini Chakraborty

Senior Program Officer, Four Freedoms Fund

Shaquiya Cox

Staff Accountant

Henry Der

Senior Program Officer, Four Freedoms Fund

Alexandra Fenwick

Communications Manager

Madeleine Goico Hardie

Financial Analyst

Maura Hackett

Senior Portfolio Manager, Fiscal Sponsorship

Laura Henderson

Portfolio Manager, Fiscal Sponsorship

Phoebe Hinton

Portfolio Coordinator, Fiscal Sponsorship

Raymond Holgado

Grants and Systems Manager

Michael Jung

Program Manager, Four Freedoms Fund

Angela Kahres

Program Manager, State Infrastructure Fund

Ana Lin

Assistant Controller

April Lindsay

Office Manager/Special Assistant to the President

Sarah Motola

Managing Director, Fiscal Sponsorship

Aastha Mehta

Program Manager, Donor Services & Special Projects

Reyna Moya-James

Program Assistant, Four Freedoms Fund

Isabelle Nichols

Program Coordinator, State Infrastructure Fund

Kate O’Hara

Program Associate, Four Freedoms Fund

Elizabeth Swanson

Human Resources Manager

Jill Savitt

Human Rights Expert

OUR Board of Directors

John Gilroy


Christopher Meyer

Vice Chairperson


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