Our Mission

We nurture strong, sustainable, and transformative movements for justice by connecting changemakers and funders, supporting emerging leaders and movements, and driving resources to groups accelerating change.

Our Vision

We envision a just, democratic, and equitable world where social justice movements are powerful, connected, and resourced to achieve their vision for change. In partnership with changemakers and funders we will build a more innovative, responsive, and accountable philanthropic sector that centers the wisdom and leadership of BIPOC and other marginalized communities.

Our Values

  • Community – We value each other, honor our differences, and work together with a shared purpose. We strive for a NEO community where everyone is treated with respect, empowered to grow, and encouraged to take care of themselves and each other. As individuals, we bring commitment, passion, humor, and purpose to this community.
  • Courage – We embrace risk-taking and vulnerability, aspire to bravery and courage, and boldly do what is right over what is easy.
  • Equity – We hold ourselves accountable to centering diversity, equity, and inclusion as a part of our
    work even when that requires new ways of working and leading, re-evaluating our operating
    policies and practices, and building the skills of staff and leaders.
  • Justice – We strive for justice by elevating the voices of grantees and projects among funders, donors, and intermediaries in order to share power and support movements for racial, gender,
    migrant, and climate justice.
  • Learning – We value experimentation, learning, curiosity and innovation through piloting new approaches to our work and continuous improvement. We are willing to try new ideas, even when the outcome is uncertain, in the pursuit of our mission.
  • Partnership – As a philanthropic intermediary, we value partnership and foster collective power as a force for progressive change. We strive to be responsive and transparent in addressing the needs of our partners, projects, grantees, funders, and staff. We build clear communication and trust with stakeholders in the field to shift who has access to power and resources.


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