2023 NEO Philanthropy Year in Review

At NEO we nurture strong, sustainable, and transformative movements for justice by connecting changemakers and funders, supporting emerging leaders and movements, and driving resources to groups accelerating change. 

2023 was a milestone year for NEO Philanthropy as we celebrated 40 years of building and supporting social justice movements. We are happy to share the impact of our work in our program areas, our network reach, and funding and program support. We look forward to continuing our support for our programs this year and beyond.

The strength of our community is shown not just in the progress we win but in the connections we make when we work together. The Year in Review we present here distills the numbers and of NEO’s work, but the more important story is the people behind the data points which makes progress possible.

The Four Freedoms Fund celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2023 strengthening local and state level movements for immigrant justice. We hope you take a moment to check out the “Forward for Freedom” videos to hear directly from those involved in strengthening the immigrant justice movement state by state.

The State Infrastructure Fund continues to invest in organizations working on protecting democracy, resulting in crucial wins for voting rights at the U.S. Supreme Court and in policies expanding access to the ballot.  

NEO Philanthropy’s Core Strategies

  • Shift Philanthropy to Center Equity
  • Connect Funders and Changemakers
  • Drive Resources to the Most Impacted
  • Support Emerging Groups and Leaders

Please take a closer look at the new strategic plan to learn more about our priorities and values.


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