NEO Philanthropy Named Top Human Rights Funder

In the 2017 report released by Foundation Center and the International Human Rights Funders Group, NEO Philanthropy is named a top human rights funder for migrants and refugees

The report analyzes $2.7 billion of human rights funding in 2014 — the latest year for which complete data is available — by global region, issue area, intervention strategy, and population group, revealing the actual priorities of foundations and bilateral and multilateral donors.


  1. Nationale Postcode Loterij $33.86 M
  2. Ford Foundation $31.79 M
  3. NoVo Foundation $22.14 M
  4. Open Society Foundations $17.29 M
  5. Carnegie Corporation of New York $13.08 M
  6. NEO Philanthropy $13.04 M
  7. The Atlantic Philanthropies $12.84 M
  8. The California Endowmen t$11.69 M
  9. The JPB Foundation $11.34 M
  10. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation $9.15 M

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