Out of the Closet, Out of the Shadows: LGBTQ Leadership in the Struggle Against Deportation

Four Freedoms FundTM

As one of the largest funders of pro-immigrant movement groups throughout the country, Four Freedom FundTM (FFF) and its parent organization, NEO Philanthropy, have been impressed by the striking number of LGBTQ advocates who have played a transformative role in the push back against unfair enforcement that targets undocumented immigrants and divides families and communities.

FFF has commissioned a report and a companion film documentary to more deeply examine these efforts and share the lessons learned with philanthropy and the broader immigrant and LGBTQ communities.

We hope this work sparks a conversation within philanthropy about how funders can support LGBTQ immigrant leaders and cross-movement building. We believe the courageous struggles captured within this report will have the effect of deeper, longer-term, transformative alliances between LGBTQ and immigrant rights communities—in which both benefit and thrive.

Read the full report here and watch the documentary here. You can also find the documentary with Spanish subtitles here.

Report and film produced by Robert Winn.


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